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COVID 19 Business Environment FAQs

We strive to serve, and fulfill our role; even through the toughest times.
The Ministry of Investment has formed a new taskforce, for this specific global pandemic. The MISA COVID-19 RESPONSE CENTER (MCRC) is here 24/7 to answer your inquiries, solve your issues and continue growing your business.
To know more about the MCRC’s services and FAQs; please visit the following link:

E-services portal :

Toll Free : 8002449990

Int’l : +966112035777

wahtsApp: +966112035888

Email :

Twitter : @SAGIAcare

What are the current methods of communication with Ministry of Investment remotely?

We can be reached through our official email address at, toll-free at 8002449990, on Twitter for investors services @Sagiacare, and WhatsApp at +966112035888.

What is the Ministry of Investment’s role in obtaining services for other government agencies?

The Ministry of Investment is working on facilitating access to government services through its online portal . If you encounter an issue, please contact the MISA InvestorCare team to discuss other possibilities of resolutions with the concerned party.

Are Saudi consulates abroad receiving visa applications?

Yes, Saudi Consulates are receiving visa applications according to normal procedures through representatives and offices in each country

We have visitors with business visas, which expire soon. How can they extend their visas before/until airports are open and travel is allowed?

The Directorate General for Passports offers a service to extend visitor visas to those inside the Kingdom through the Absher platform (individual, business, resident). If you are facing extension difficulties electronically, you can visit passport office locations for support. Furthermore, the Directorate General for Passports has instructed all visitors currently in the Kingdom with any type of visa (visitor, business, medical, etc.) that is about to expire or those that have stayed in the Kingdom for a period of more than 180 days and faced difficulties extending their visas electronically, to pay the extension fees similar to the fees paid for the original stay in the Kingdom. You are also instructed to visit the nearest passport office to complete the extension request. The Directorate General of Passports, has confirmed listing the service “Exceptional Extension of Visitor’s Visa” within their services through the Absher platform (Absher Individuals, Absher Business and Muqeem). For more information, please visit:

We have executives and employees present in quarantined areas, and some who have been quarantined. Are they in consideration for unpaid vacation/leave?

 As instructed by the Ministry of Human Resources, all quarantined employees will be granted paid leave.

The General Manager who authorized government and banking transactions is abroad. Can he/she authorize or instruct other employees while being out of Kingdom?

Please provide us with the General Manager’s information through email in order to contact the concerned party to ease the procedure

We have documents to be attested by the Saudi embassy, but the embassy is closed. What is the procedure in this situation?

You can contact the our InvestorCare team before applying for any documents to be attested by the Saudi embassy in order to look for possible solutions

would like to attest power of attorney from Saudi Notary Office. How is that possible?

You can contact our Investor Care team to ease the attestation procedure

I am an investor and trying to renew the Iqama from Absher’s online platform, but I am getting a system error. What should I do?

You can send all the documents to our Investor Care team in order to process the request manually through the passport representative at the business center

We have suspected COVID19 cases, but insurance companies have refused to cover the costs of the medical examination. How should we deal with this situation?

 You must immediately contact the Health Insurance Collaboration Council through the following channels: Phone: 920001177 Email: Twitter: @CCHIKSA