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Market Rules

Standards for firms' compliance with market rules

Existence of a valid and up-to-date commercial register.

Opening a bank account for the establishment, and not using personal accounts for the establishment's transactions.

Renewing licenses to practice the activity and updating the addresses of the facility associated with it.

Registering the facility in the "wage protection" program, and recording labor wages data.

Documenting all employment contracts electronically, and not employing irregular workers.

Documenting all established financial transactions, and complying with the relevant regulations in this regard.

Not granting the non-Saudi any tools that lead to the absolute disposition of the facility.

Providing electronic payment methods, and working on issuing and keeping invoices electronically.

Financing the facility and its activities through the regular methods, and documenting all those operations

Commitment to the regulations and instructions related to the exercise of economic activities

* Adherence to market rules protects commercial establishments, keeps them away from suspicion of cover-up, and enhances opportunities for their expansion and growth.