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The exempted activities from curfew

Q: What are the exempted activities from the curfew?

There are several activities in a number of vital and logistics sectors that are exempt from the curfew:

Agricultural and Food Sector:
1. Farms, beekeepers, livestock and fish owners and associated markets and selling points
2. Food services for takeout orders
3. Groceries (hyper and supermarkets) and bakeries
4. Wholesale markets for excluded activities
5. Vegetable stores, poultry and meat shops, and slaughterhouses
6. Food and beverages factories
7. Stations for storing, packing and selling barley and forages
8. Shops selling fertilizer inputs, seeds and pesticides, and operating machinery and agricultural equipment
9. Clinics, pharmacies, veterinary laboratories and veterinarians
10. Pet Care (not including buying and selling)
Health and Treatment Sector:
1. Hospitals
2. Medical clinics and dispensaries (except for beauty clinics)
3. Medical complexes (public and private) except for beauty specialty
4. Medical Laboratories
5. Patient transportation service centers (private ambulance)
6. Pharmacies, medical equipments supplies
7. Medical companies assisting the Ministry of Health services such as dialysis centers
8. Radiology centers
9. Medical materials, medicines and medical devices factories
10. Optical and audio devices shops
11. Supporting and operation and maintenance contractors in the health sector
12. Cleaning products and sterilizers factories
Energy Sector:
1. Gas stations and selling
2. Oil and gas extraction
3. Refining and oil and gas transportation
4. Maintenance and operation of oil and gas wells
5. Drilling and surveying for oil and gas wells
6. Exploration, surveying and ground services for oil and gas wells
7. Maintenance and operation of power stations and transmission and distribution lines
8. Electricity generation and production
9. Manufacture and maintenance of motors, generators and electrical transformers
10. Installation and maintenance of control equipment for industrial equipment and radiological devices
11. Providing energy measurement and verification services
Water Sector:
1. Sewage tankers
2. Water emergency services
3. Tubs and water tanks
4. Water production (desalination and purification plants), transportation, distribution, operation and maintenance of water
Communications and Postal Sector:
1. Telecom and internet operators
2. Workers in post and parcel companies
3. Workers in delivery applications and e-commerce for the excluded activities
4. Database operators and cloud computing
Banking and Digital Payment Sector:
1. Banks, exchange and remittances
2. Operation and maintenance of digital payments
Basic and Mining Industries Sector:
1. Factories
2. Chemical factories for excluded activities
3. Military and related industries
4. Packaging and printing factories associated with the excluded sectors
5. Light and support industries associated with supply chains for the excluded sectors
6. Manufacture of electrical equipment and electric cables associated with the excluded sectors
7. Manufacture of spare parts related to the excluded sectors
8. Mining industries
Transportation and Logistics Sector:
1. Road freight transport
2. Warehouses and stores
3. Customs clearance
4. Port work
5. Maintenance and operation of airports
6. Excluded flight and air freight
7. Rail transport of goods and maintenance of railways
8. Sea transport of goods and passenger transport by ferry between Jizan and the island of Forsan
9. Maintenance and implementation of roads, bridges and tunnels
10. Logistics services for excluded activities
Operation and maintenance:
1. Operation and maintenance of excluded activities
2. City hygiene, pest control and solid waste management
3. Maintenance works for houses and buildings (plumbing, air-conditioning, electricity, elevators and electric doors)
4. Irrigation and gardening and planting works
5. Security guards
6. Delivery of spare parts for excluded activities
7. Vehicle maintenance at gas stations
8. Private laboratories for excluded activities
9. Accident handling and assessment
10. Laundries
Accommodation and Hotels Sector:
1. Hotels
2. Furnished apartments
3. Furnished housing units
Environment and Meteorology Sector:
1. Environmental control and compliance
Media Sector:
1. Media channels and institutions
Contracting Sector:
Contracting companies
Trading Sector:
Wholesale and retail trade