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Privacy Policy

Ministry of Investment

The Ministry of investment is taking the lead in developing the investment environment in the kingdom. as it conducts continuous studies of Saudi market, in addition to its work in identifying and developing investment opportunities, stimulating local investment, and attracting foreign investments by highlighting the enormous capabilities and promising opportunities that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia possesses.

Privacy Notice

The Privacy Notice stated below is part of the terms of your use for the Ministry of Investment portal.

The Ministry of Investment is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of personal data to ensure and preserve the rights of data subjects. The Ministry of Investment complies with National Data Governance Policies and basic legislation to protect the rights and privacy of individuals with respect to their personal data, which is subject to the Personal Data Protection Law.

Acceptance of the Privacy Notice

The Ministry of Investment collects personal data when you visit the portal in order to provide high quality services, and by your using of Ministry of Investment portal and its affiliated platforms is considered as acceptance for this notice.

What Personal Data do we collect

The website may store what is called “Cookies” on your mobile device when you visit the Ministry of Investment’s website. “Cookies” are part of the data that uniquely identifies you as a user and can be used to improve your knowledge of the Ministry of Investment website and better understand for user experience.

Personal Data
The Ministry of Investment collects some personal data when using the ministry’s electronic services or means of communication, with the possibility of sharing some data with government agencies for the purpose of facilitating the investor’s journey and raising the level of quality.

Geographical Location
The user may sometimes be asked to consent to his/her geolocation, to benefit from some of the services provided on the Ministry of Investment website.

How we use your Personal Data

Use of the Ministry of Investment website of your Internet protocol helps to diagnose problems that occur in its servers, and also helps it to conduct the necessary statistics to measure the use of the site (The number of visitors, the language of the computer you use and the type of browser), it is not allowed to any party outside the framework of its technical team by looking at your Internet protocol.
Improving the user experience by improving and developing the Ministry of Investment website to meet the needs and services of users.
Improve investor services by responding more effectively to customer service requests and support needs.
We use “Google” analytics report to perform analyzes of website that get their information from Internet protocol addresses, to show displayed information such as: country, city, device, pages visited, session time for each page visited, and these reports are used internally only for analysis purposes and website development.
Sending periodic emails – these are for newsletter subscribers and are sent to the e-mail address you have provided us; To process requests, and may be used to send information and updates to your request as well as to receive the Ministry of Investment’s public news, updates, and related products.

The legal basis for collecting and processing your Personal Data

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Policy issued by the National Data Management Office, the legal basis which we will depend on to process this data is:

Your explicit consent, and you can withdraw your consent at any time, except for some of the exceptions described above. To do so, you can contact us through the contact details shown below.
Achieving the public interest: by facilitating and improving the procedures of the relevant government entities.

Protection of your Personal Data

Your personal data will be available only to the Ministry’s employees who are authorized to view it, and we confirm that regulatory procedures and security measures are applied to protect your data from any unauthorized disclosure or processing, and that data will not be available to the public, and none of that data will be exchanged, traded or sold to any third party without the prior consent of the data subject, except in the case of compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Also, access to information will only be allowed for qualified persons who provide services on the Ministry of Investment website, and government agencies that contribute to developing services and facilitating investor journey procedures. The Personal Data Protection Law is implemented and personal data protection policies issued by the National data Management Office related to personal data security are adopted.

Sharing of your Personal Data

Personal data is shared after the consent of the data subject, provided that it is shared for legitimate purposes with the relevant government agencies in order to improve the investor’s experience and facilitate the investment process.

Storing of your Personal Data

Your personal data is stored securely at the Ministry of Investment headquarters or through secure solutions in cloud computing services.

Data Subject Rights

The data subject who provides his/her personal data to the Ministry’s website has the rights to:

The Right to Access your Personal Data: by requesting a copy of your personal data via the e-mail shown in the contact details, and you will be answered within [5] working days.
The Right to Correct your Personal Data: by requesting the correction of your personal data that you consider to be inaccurate, incorrect or incomplete, via the e-mail shown in the contact details, and it will be reviewed and updated within [5] working days and you will be notified via [your communication information].
The Right to Dispose your Personal Data: by requesting that your personal data be deleted in certain circumstances, in a manner that dose not conflict with the legal basis and legitimate interests.
The Right to Restrict Processing: by requesting that the processing of your personal data be restricted in certain circumstances and for a specified period of time.
The Right to object to Processing: by objecting to the processing of your personal data in the following cases [for direct marketing purposes – for specific tasks carried out in the public interest or for our legitimate purposes].
The Right to Transfer your Personal Data: by requesting the transfer of your personal data – which is collected through you directly to another party for a fee, and this right can only be exercised if your consent is the legal basis.

Changes to the Privacy Notice

Users shall keep abreast of the Privacy Notice, which may change at any time. Updated will be posted on the Privacy Notice page with an indication of the last update. This notice was last updated on July 17, 2022.

The Ministry reserves the right to amend the Privacy Notice when necessary, and any modification to the terms or conditions becomes effective immediately upon approval without any obligation to announce.

Contact us:

If you have any questions or inquires about the Ministry of Investment’s Privacy Notice, you can contact us through the following:

Contact details:

Department / Team: Data Management Office

Address: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh – Imam Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Muhammad Road – Al-Nakhil district

Phone number: 8002449990



Personal Data Protection Legislation

Relevant Legislation

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