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Saudi Arabia: a global investment hub.

MISA at a glance

The ongoing transformation of Saudi Arabia under Vision 2030 is unlocking new opportunities in the Kingdom at an unprecedented pace. The Ministry of Investment for Saudi Arabia (MISA) is facilitating access to these opportunities by developing a reliable, robust, business-friendly ecosystem, working across government to ensure investors and businesses are supported through their investment journey.



To place Saudi Arabia among the top performing markets for investments.



To promote Saudi Arabia as a world-class investment destination, attract and retain investors, and expand their investments; for the benefit of a sustainable national economic growth.


Vision 2030

To turn the Kingdom into an investment powerhouse by driving economic growth and diversifying the economy away from a reliance on oil.



Trusted & credible

Ensure an effective reliable, robust and business-friendly ecosystem for investment and increasing foreign investor confidence in the investment environment.



Ensure investments land with a positive outcome in line with Vision 2030 to create a vibrant society in Saudi Arabia and beyond.



Working closely with partners to ensure thriving economies where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.



Committed to achieving a positive impact through investment and ensuring efficiency and accountability at all levels to build a vibrant society, and a thriving economy in an ambitious nation.

Ministry of Investment Statute

  • Ministry role

    The Ministry shall be the agency in charge of regulating, developing, and promoting domestic and foreign investment in the Kingdom and protecting the rights of investors. It shall, without prejudice to the powers and responsibilities of other agencies, undertake any action necessary to achieve its objectives.
  • Minister responsibilities

    The Minister shall In accordance with this Statute, manage the Ministry and take decisions and measures necessary to achieve its objectives.
  • Publication and effective date

    Promulgated by the Council of Ministers Resolution No.2, dated 5/1/1421H
Minister of Investment

His Excellency Khalid Al -Falih

As Minister of Investment, HE Khalid Al-Falih leads a multi-disciplinary and multi-specialty team that contributes to exceptional achievements in the field of developing the investment environment in the Kingdom, attracting national and foreign investments to various vital and promising economic sectors, and supporting the Saudi private sector’s investments outside the Kingdom, in addition to driving the growth of the private sector in the Kingdom, which is a major goal of the Kingdom’s “Vision 2030”, and an important factor in the efforts to diversify the Kingdom’s national economy.

Vision Realization Office

Contribute to achieving the KSA Vision 2030 by managing the projects of the Vision Realization Programs as well as projects of the Ministry, and contribute to overcoming difficulties, resolving problems, and coordinating with the concerned parties.



Everything you need to know about the ministry.

RHQ Program is a joint initiative by the RCRC and MISA to position the Kingdom as the leading regional hub for multinational companies.

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