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Vision Realization Office


Contribute to achieving the KSA Vision 2030 by managing the projects of the Vision Realization Programs as well as projects of the Ministry, and contribute to overcoming difficulties, resolving problems, and coordinating with the concerned parties.

Strategic Objectives

The Ministry of Investment contributes to achieving the following strategic objectives:


Attract foreign and local investments


Push forward the cooperation between the GCC countries


Develop regional economic relations.


Develop economic relations with global partners


Support major national companies to consolidate their leadership globally


Develop the promising local companies into regional and global leaders.

Our Programs

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Tasks & Responsibilities

1. Ensure integration and alignment of the initiative plans and the projects resulting therefrom with the directions of the National Investment Strategy as well as the organizational strategy of the Ministry.

2. Support the decision-making process by informing stakeholders of the progress achieved regarding the strategic objectives. Such support may be carried out by linking and measuring strategic performance and adopting effective systems.

3. Develop periodic reports on the completion ratio concerning such projects and initiatives of the Vision Realization Programs of the Ministry and its sectors and follow up performance of such programs.

4. Represent the Ministry of Investment to the relevant government stakeholders involved in Vision 2030

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